About Us

Organizations operating in both Financial and non-Financial domains are facing increased challenges to navigate the spectrum of complex regulatory requirements. The monetary risks for non-compliance are significant, the reputational risks are even higher. Unknown participation in money laundering, human trafficking, sanctions violations or terrorist financing for operational and process lapses have costed organizations nine figure penalties. On the other hand, incidents of money laundering, fraud and cybercrimes involving illicit funds movement through your institution (and the financial system) are becoming increasingly intertwined.Only one of them rarely occur in isolation as the specific typologies are evolving to become more layered and nested which make them harder to decipher. Compliserv helps your institution to understand your regulatory obligations and implement systems and processes that apply to you in the cost-efficient manner. Advisory, technology and implementation.Compliserv provides comprehensive solutions to be and stay complaint, preventing financial losses.

Our Mission

Help Financial Institutions stay compliant and mitigate reputational risk with respect to regulatory requirements in Financial Crimes Risk management.

Our Approach

Each institution is unique. Leverage the optimal mix of people, process, technology in the most cost-effective manner to fit specific business needs.

Our Vision

Use AI, machine learning with advanced analytics and effective inter-FI collaboration tools to combat financial crimes and safeguard institutional assets.


Compliserv offers a wide spectrum of services within the Financial Crimes Compliance area. Areas of expertise include AML (Anti Money Laundering) Compliance, Sanctions, Payments Fraud within multiple transaction channels (viz. ACH, Wire, digital, P2P etc.) including Cyber risk prevention (viz. BEC, account takeover, phishing etc.)


Within the advisory group Compliserv offers domain consulting, technology evaluation, roadmap definitions, infrastructure and application recommendation services forthe most applicable implementation of Regulatory Compliance technology or vendor solution.We provide comprehensive AML and Fraud Risk assessments so that institutions can identify and safeguard areas of exposure with high risk clients, products & geographies so as to define the required risk appetite level of the organization while having corresponding systems and procedures for regulatory compliance.


Technology: The technology & implementation arm of Compliserv offers cost effective and cost-effective services for implementation of AML, Fraud & Cyber Risks for your payments, transactions and online/digital channels. Compliserv works closely with its partners for implementation of several industry leading AML and Fraud prevention solutions. We leverage a very effective collaborative delivery model based on onsite and remote services mix that is optimal for each specific project.

Audit & Remediation:

Model Risk validation, remediation, alert tuning, look back requirements rising out of regulatory and internal audits. Compliserv also offers compliance certification services and a pre audit health check of AML processes and technology to manage audit risks in a proactive manner, helping institutions avoid costly remediation expenses as well as potential reputational risks.


In addition to the inhouse expertise in several aspects of regulatory compliance areas, Compliserv has strategic business partnerships with professional services organizations that specialize in niche areas of technology and business domains. Some of the specific areas of partnerships are in the area of :

  • Treasury, payments and integrations, message/format transformations, transaction reporting and analytics.
  • SWIFT semi and fully managed connectivity.
  • Fraud prevention and AML risk assessments.
  • Regulatory Audit readiness certification and assessments.
  • Payments and transaction Fraud leveraging AI and machine learning.
  • Information sharing in Financial Crimes with US FinCEN 314(b).

  • Compliserv will provide a single point of contact, accountability and own turnkey delivery responsibility for projects that involve multiple areas of expertise by working closely with its partners. Institutions save time and money that would be otherwise required for reaching out to individual providers and evaluating the offerings and associated costs.